Thursday, 6 June 2013

Obvious really

Surely the universe is complex and mysterious enough without humans having to put layer upon layer of extra stuff on top just to really confuse the situation.


  1. I just wrote a really big comment and its gone? Just like my freedom has, under all the layers x

  2. Long story short... I kinda said 'do we really have the choice anymore, are we too far gone?' and I will look back with regret, that I didnt break free and live the life I was ment to live, at one with the universe, easy peasy, yet not simple to do when your trapped.
    Uni - One
    Verse - song
    Universe - Onesong

    Us Humans have gone so far off track, it will take Nature to shake us up good and proper to be at one again. As long as my kids are not harmed, I welcome that shake up with open arms and a opend mind