Monday, 18 March 2013

Are humans innately bad?

Every human being needs to make a very important decision at some point in their life. That decision is whether or not to believe that human nature is such that it will thwart any and all attempts to save the world and ourselves from our current vile and destructive behaviour. The study of history, evolution, economics and DNA can be erroneously interpreted to argue that greed, competition and violence are so intrinsically hard wired into our nature that extinction is inevitable. Unfortunately this flawed interpretation and its ubiquitous, systemic broadcasting, by both beneficiaries and victims, is the norm. Consequently, anyone who dares to speak out, about the possibility of humans creating a sustainable, cooperative and peaceful society, are ridiculed as naive, childish and ignorant.
Any person who is genuinely working for a transformation to a just and sustainable future must be able to identify, challenge, resist and destroy this belief, in themselves and others, at every instance.

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