Thursday, 12 June 2014

Mal Brough has got a real hide.

My local federal member, Mal Brough (LNP) has just emailed me wanting me to donate money and recruit others to donate money for an individual on the Sunshine Coast who has some serious health issues.

Below is the email:

Dear Sean,
You won’t be expecting an email on this matter from me, but I feel that that it is so important that it warrants this contact and I hope you won’t be offended.  If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact my office on 07 54 444 888.  You may have seen this story on the Chanel 9 News tonight and in local media.
James is a 6 year. old Sunshine Coast boy who urgently needs surgery and treatment for a rare brain tumour.
We need to raise $40,000.00 by 5:00 pm tomorrow plus another $40,000.00 by close of business Monday and another $20,000 by the end of next week.
James’ Tree of Life has been planted and we need you to take 4 simple steps to keep James’ tree growing:
Step 1. Donate your $5  or more right now!!! Click here to donate now!!
Step 2. Now personally ask 2 friends to also donate $5 (or more)
Step 3. Have your 2 friends confirm their donation and have them contact 2 of their friends to continue the growth of James Tree of Life within 24 hours.
Step 4. Share this email, post on your facebook page and tweet it,  #jamestreeoflife & #lovejames .
Give this beautiful little boy the best chance at life, DONATE NOW! 
Donations are tax deductible (over $2)
The Hon.  Mal Brough MP
Federal Member for Fisher

This is my response:

Dear Mal,
I was not aware that your position involved raising money for individuals with health issues. Could you please spend your time working for the general public and not distracting the electorate by opportunistically exploiting the suffering of a six year old child.
Yours sincerely,
Sean Crawley

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  1. Yah, nice response!

    Shall we take this as carte blanche to put in requests for all the cancer sufferers we know? My poor dying neighbour could likely do with a bit of help from friends in high places!