Thursday, 22 May 2014

Democracy - you get who the majority vote for

Last Federal election I volunteered for a few hours and handed out how to vote flyers for the The Greens in my electorate, Fisher on the Sunshine Coast in Qld. It was to no avail and Mal Brough for the LNP won the seat. Anyone who did even the most preliminary research on this man would never have voted for him. I recently wrote to Mal to ask if he believed that the planned massive coal operations in the Galilee Basin would damage the environment. He disagreed with me and stated that mining this coal and selling it to India would actually be good for the environment. (see: )

Regardless of my dissatisfaction with the election outcome, the overwhelming feel that I got from the voters on that fateful day last September, was that they were pissed off that they had to take time out from their precious Saturday to vote. The general attitude of apathy was appalling. The consequences of the Australian public’s apathy, have become crystal clear just eight months after the LNP were voted in. The cries of “I didn’t vote for Abbott” are too late. The attitude that it doesn’t matter who is in government, because their all as bad as each other, has been blown out of the water. Sure it could be argued that Labour lost the election, but does that mean that to mindlessly vote in the other team is the right thing to do?

The current focus on Tony Abbott breaking election promises is a thinly veiled attempt to cover up the disappointing apathy and ignorance that the general public displayed by voting in a right winged conservative political party. The disdain and contempt that they are showing for ordinary people at present is hardly surprising.

Did anyone seriously believe that the LNP were ever going to look after the interests of the common people? 

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  1. "Did anyone seriously believe that the LNP were ever going to look after the interests of the common people? "

    Anyone who did believe that shouldn't be allowed to vote imho. Idiots should not be allowed to vote. If I, as a non-citizen, have to pass a test to become a citizen and earn the "right" to vote, then why not folks born in this country?

    But yes, you're right. Folks are whinging and bitching after the fact, but most didn't consider simply voting differently at the time. At what point does one have to take responsibility as an adult for one's own comprehension of politics and learn a damn thing or two?