Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Has the world gone bonkers?

Had a very quick look at ABC NEWS 24 today:

The main story on screen is a woman proclaiming the need for government rebates for nanny services so parents can, financially, be able to choose to work instead of staying home with their children. Meanwhile the news feed below flashes:

  • ·         Wesfarmers profits up 11.2%
  • ·         Telstra to slash 800 jobs
  • ·         ABS reports wages growing at lowest rates ever on record
  • ·         Calls for Craig Thomson to do gaol time
  • ·         Former NSW energy minister being investigated for corruption
Oh yeh, and Jana Pitman, the ultimate Olympics junkie, admits that she has eaten too much!

Am I wrong in assuming that Australia, or the world for that matter, has completely gone bonkers?

1 comment:

  1. Yes. Where do you get off inferring that privileged latte sippers shouldn't benefit off the sweat and toil of the working poor for luxuries like nannies? Do you seriously expect them to regress to the days of bonking the Swedish au pair?

    And I, for one, need to know exactly what Jana Pitman ate.

    On a sensibler note, though, I've just finished an article on the top 10 ways we can all meet our needs without spending a cent, as I fear that kind of innovation is going to come in handy mighty soon for a good many of us...