Thursday, 14 February 2013

To start again we first must stop.

The root cause of the current predicament that we find ourselves in is often discussed and debated. The enclosure of the commons, the rise of cultures of conquest and domination triggered by the climate change of the last ice age, the debt based financial system, human DNA, the agricultural revolution and the industrial revolution all vie for the number one position as the root cause of humanities fall. I did read once, a long time ago, that the invention of the clock was the point in history that marked the beginning of our true demise. Regardless of the cause or causes, I have little doubt that "time poverty" is the number one barrier preventing the vast majority of people from fully waking up to the horrific reality that looms over our collective future. 

The ineluctable fact that every day the multifaceted crises that we face worsen, convinces me that a completely new tack is required. Yes, social justice and environmental sustainability are the pillars upon which change must be built. However, the fragmented and competing groups, congregating around these pillars, may claim victory in minor battles, but must concede that the war is being lost. The divisions and disagreements over root causes, best solutions, desired outcomes and even the necessity for change makes us all look ignorant, disorganised and destined to inevitable extermination by the forces of nature. Sadly, what is certain, is that, a global peoples' movement, marching to a yet to be written new story, will not be even remotely possible whilst every one of us professes with exasperation "sorry but I just don't have the time".

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