Saturday, 26 May 2012

How to get the best education for your kids.

How do you get the best education for your kids? In Australia, and lets be thankful that we live in such a lucky country, it's so simple. Yes that's right, so simple that you're probably doing it already and don't even know it. OK OK I'll tell you - you just shop at Woolworths. That's right how simple is that? This is going to work a treat cause we all need groceries and we should all be able to get to Woolies pretty easy (last time I looked they seemed to be practically everywhere) and you only need to spend $10 to get a sticker. Then if you get enough stickers, and that should be easy cause you can get just about everything you need at Woolies, your school can get their share of essential resources. Stuff such as maths and science equipment, arts and craft material, books and lots more. I'm telling you I'm really glad they're including books because even in this age of technology I still firmly believe that books are a vital part of any decent education. So thanks Woolworths I feel a whole lot better knowing that my kids will have access to books.

Now to get this happening make sure your kid's school is registered and let's face it any school would be mad not to be. You can find this out on the website and if your school is not I'd be getting a shit load of cranky parents together, they should be easy to find, and demanding to see the Principal. When they are registered the school can hand out sticker cards to all the kids. It's also probably best that the school runs a competition to see which kid can collect the most stickers. That would be such a great idea as it would, not only increase the school's chance of getting a bigger slice of the essential educational resources pie, but also, teach children how valuable competition is. We certainly wouldn't want that other toffy school in the next suburb getting more stuff than our school would we? Another good tactic could be to get people who don't have kids at school to save the stickers for our own kids school. In fact Woolies even encourages this. I say get your kids to go door knocking around the local neighbourhood, dressed in last years shabby and ill fitting school uniform, putting on a sad face, letting people know that the local school needs some tables and chairs (yes, can you believe it Woolies can even supply furniture to schools - how cool!) and all they have to do is shop at Woolies.

I know this cause I read it on the web site and I saw it in on TV and you've got to love Ricki-Lee Coulter. The programs called Earn and Learn and Woolies have have done it before and it works. Basically they Earn so our kids can Learn. Yes, pretty basic really, they earn lots of money and use a bit of that to buy stuff for schools that have signed up to play the game. They also use a lot of the rest of the money to get bigger and bigger and that means they can keep supporting the community in the future. Who knows if Woolies keeps getting bigger and bigger there may even be enough jobs for all of our kids to work there. Isn't the aim of education to prepare our kids for work? Now, I've been accused of being bit of a dreamer, but just imagine if everyone in Australia shopped at Woolies. Wow, I bet we would have the best schools with the best stuff in all the world!

Our kids education is so important and we know we can't leave it up to the government to do it properly. So get down to Woolies today and what the heck spend up big - our children are our future.

One last word. If your local small businesses get upset with you for switching to Woolworths just ask them if they are going to buy books and chairs for the local school. I bet that will stop them in their tracks!

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